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Your Dental Practice Exit Planning Success

The problem with most dentists' practice exit strategies is they don’t exist! Its that simple!


There are over 8,000 dental practices registered in Australia; corporate`s own less than 10%, leaving over 7,000 practice owners who will consider selling their practice at some point.

Taking a closer look, those figures equate to 7000 practices average value $750,000 equals $5.25B. Baby Boomers own 60% of them, most will be retiring within next 17 years thats 4,200 or 240 practices for sale each year around $180M in value. 

You wouldn’t believe how messy it becomes selling a practice not completely prepared, regardless of a corporate or private sale. There are so many myths about practice valuations, depending on who you talk to, creating even more confusion.

We don’t prepare crowns, implants, or do any general dentistry, but we do know what we are doing preparing Dental Practice Exit Strategies and selling dental practices, in fact! We have achieved record prices and some.

If you are curious about this subject for any reason, we would be delighted to hear from you, even if your practice is presently for sale. Maybe just to put your mind at rest.

3 Easy Steps - Start Now - It's FREE

The relative attractiveness of your business to a potential purchaser will impact your overall valuation. The higher you score in this questionnaire, the higher the likely value of your business. The report should also be seen as a checklist of areas to improve upon before you try and sell your business.

After several attempts with other brokers to sell my two practices, I contacted Jan Gray of Practicelink. His Exit Strategy was simple but precise. He was very thorough in preparing both of my practices. One practice sold within 45 days the other within two days of listing, both sold for top dollar. 

I would recommend anyone selling their practice now or within two years to consider using Jan`s Practice Exit Planning Strategy there is nothing to compare in Australia for preparation of a Dental Practice."

- Dr Janz. NSW

Get answers to the following:

  • Personal Readiness - are you personally ready to exit your business?
  • Business Value Attractiveness - how attractive is your business to a potential purchaser? 
  • Exit Planning Readiness - a step-by-step methodology to maximize your business value and prepare an exit plan. 

This Dental Practice Exit Planning software these guys developed is the best way to prepare not only your practice but yourself as well.

We saved over $40K with coaches and other specialists by using this program, any dentist thinking of retiring now or within five years, contact these guys, they wont disappoint!"

- Dr Mark Kelly. VIC