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As the Principal and Owner of a large dental practice in urban Victoria , I was hesitant and apprehensive about the looming sale of my practice after 40 years of ownership.

I had explored the options of selling internally to one of my current associate dentists, however the asking price was going to be too high for an individual buyer. At the same time I was trying to avoid a sale to the corporate sector because of their poor reputation within the dental industry. Thus I decided to engage a dental broker and signed up with Jan from PracticeLink. My one overarching request was that I wished the practice to be sold to a group who hopefully would not try to re-invent what had been a highly successful business model with many long term, loyal team members.

Jan certainly satisfied my requirements by sourcing a large dental corporate which had a non-corporate approach to owning their multiple dental acquisitions.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jan from PracticeLink to any dentist wishing to source the appropriate purchaser of their dental practice.



Jan Gray has just sold my dental practice in Rockhampton Qld and I am delighted with the result.

Jan has extensive knowledge of the dental business and he was excellent from start to finish. He guided me through the whole process and made what could have been a difficult process very manageable. He worked tirelessly to achieve the desired outcome and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Jan’s support was amazing. He was in regular contact with me and I really valued this support. I recommend Jan Gray to anyone considering selling a dental practice.

Kind regards,
Val Barton

Thankyou Jan for arranging the sale of my dental practice.
I enjoy dentistry and love helping and interacting with my patients. However, as I near retirement the burden of running a business was becoming onerous. Now as I continue to work in my old practice as a contractor it is fun to go to work ( I never thought I would say that, but it is true ). The purchaser has exciting modern ideas. She is a pleasure to work for. I look forward to the next few years.

Thanks again,
Stas Miliszewski

Jan Gray sold my South Coast NSW practice recently and I fully recommend him to anyone considering selling.

Jan does not come over as smooth and polished as some of the other brokers, but he is very genuine and can read people and situations incredibly well.

This enables him to bring the parties together and to get the deal done. Jan brought only two buyers to us and both made offers.
It should be noted this sale occurred during Covid 19 and Jan sold it without visiting to the practice with the use of Zoom meetings, videos, and remote visits!

Thanks Jan for job well done
Dr Miles Suter 

There are many issues or headaches when looking for a practice to purchase.
Initially there is a lot of financial, staffing, and property information required to make an adequate assessment.

Then, it's like a juggling act trying to keep track of all the pieces needing to come together at the right time.

From start to finish, Jan was always on top of everything and guiding the crazy train like a skilled conductor.

He genuinely cared about both parties throughout the negotiations and was tremendously helpful with advice.

He never acted like a broker who was only working for the seller. I trusted him from beginning to end and truly felt he had my best interests in mind.

Great experience
Dr Chad Henderson

My first contact with Jan from Practicelink was a generic email , asking if I wanted to sell my practice. At the time , I was considering it , but not sure how to go about it.
Jan was easy to talk to and to deal with and asked all the right questions to find out the type of practice I had , how soon I wanted to sell it as well as the type of buyer I was looking for.

Once he had the figures, he connected me with the right person/group . Even though we were hit with Covid, he made sure he kept in touch with both parties so that Covid slowed things down because we were shut, but the sale went without a hitch .

We still keep in contact as its early days of transfer in case there’s an issue. However, Jan is very thorough with all the paperwork, has guided me throughout the process so it was very easy indeed.

He helped me obtain the best result I could hope for with the best buyer and made it a very easy process. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Thank you Jan, I would have considered this earlier if I had known.
Warm regards
Dr Melly Salih

"Dear Jan, Thank you very much for the recent sale of my dental practice. Given the circumstances of Covid 19 pandemic, your professional approach, dedication and customised service was much appreciated.

As you promised from the beginning, your marketing strategy for my practice was accurate and to the point with no waste of time or effort. I am very pleased with your service as you stood alongside me during this journey. During the Coronavirus crisis you managed to find the midway path for me and the buyer to settle the matter.

I highly recommend your professional service to any other vendors planning to sell their practice."

Dr Shahin Nourozi

"If you are thinking of buying or selling a dental surgery, Jan Gray of PracticeLink is your go to guy !

The service and enthusiastic assistance he provided us in selling our surgery was simply outstanding. Jan's expert negotiating skills invariably made for a seamless and painless process and gave us a better selling price than if we had tried to sell alone. If needs be, Jan will set you up with the right legal professionals, making for a perfect, fair, goal orientated team, who work brilliantly together without adding unnecessary legal costs and procedures. There really is no need to hesitate or go it alone when you can have Jan Gray by your side."

Dr. Dirk and Laura Jacobsen,

"Hi Jan , Just writing to thank you for your assistance with the purchase of Vincentia Dental. The practice is everything you promised and you smoothed the way for both vendor and purchaser. Thanks for your assistance, Best wishes and Regards."


"I recently purchased a practice and Jan was acting the selling agent. He was an honest person and defending the rights of all parties for better deal for everyone involved. He is diligent and resourceful helping in every step from the negotiation to finding the right finance all was done in transparent dealings and no one was kept in the dark. He is always explaining every step before moving forward. I would recommend him for all dentist whether buying or selling practice it is a tricky process and you need a person that is switched on all the way. Loved doing business with you."

Dr. Husam Abbas

"I had the pleasure of working with Jan, who made the sale of my surgery a seamless and painless transaction. He approached me after I had the practice on the market for two years. He told me he could sell it in two months. I laughed to myself and said bring it on. He had prospective buyers lined up within days. A buyer was quickly found. The deal headed south for a bit although Jan did not give up for a second. He made the whole deal happen. It was a breeze." 

Dr. Spike Jan

"Jan sold my dental practice last month for a good figure which was fair to both parties. Since he had taken on the sale of the business, he had been most enthusiastic and had worked tirelessly. He managed to find the suitable buyer very quickly. During the sale process, he had also been very helpful to both legal teams with his immense knowledge of the dental industry. I have recommended Jan to my colleagues who will be selling their dental practices in the immediate future."

VC, Principal

"I recently purchased a dental practice with Jan acting as the broker on behalf of the seller. It was quite a tricky sale with several hurdles along the way. However, Jan was brilliant in working towards solutions that were ideal for all parties involved. His communication is excellent, he uses his initiative and provides regular updates. He is an excellent negotiator and wants the best for both parties. In the future if I sell a practice I will definitely contact Jan from Practice Link."

Dr Jalal Khan

"Acquiring a practice is very important decision. Jan’s guidance and support is always there, everything worked out well. Without a doubt I highly recommend Jan.”


"Dear Jan,
Thank you for acting as my agent for my recent practice sale. You made the whole process very easy and I found you to be extremely efficient. You worked with me in achieving what I wanted and you explained the whole process very clearly. Throughout the whole sale, I found you to be very positive and encouraging. I would not hesitate to engage your services again should the occasion arise."

Dr. Pierre Joubert

"I would like to highly recommend the services of Gray Consulting practice sales. I recently completed a practice purchase with Jan acting as the practice broker. Purchasing a practice is a significant and important decision with many factors to consider and many variables. With the aid of Jan, it was a professional experience and one made more easy.
There was particular attention to detail by Jan and his team. Details were provided in a timely and quick manner such as practice inspections, delivery of practice numbers. Contact was easy and professional. Liaising with the seller and the landlord was made simple and pleasant and in the end we got the result we are after. I can highly recommend the services if you were in the market for a new practice."

Dr Sean Parsonage B.D.S.(hons) B.Sc.(dent).

"Jan Gray facilitated the sale of my dental practice by re-igniting interest from a buyer who had previously shown minimal interest. He worked tirelessly for a few weeks in order to secure the sale and I believe his ability to clarify the practice’s profit potential convinced the buyer. Jan concentrates on only a few sales at the time which means he puts in a lot of effort. It would take some determination to make Jan take no for an answer.

I was also more than pleased to accept Jan’s recommendation of a solicitor, John Richards, who must be the most efficient, yet friendly member of his profession. Contracts were finalized within hours. Hence, I am pleased to recommend both Jan Gray and John Richards to anyone selling a dental practice."

Dr Christer Lindée

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jan for his wonderful service he provided to sell our Mobile Dental Truck and business in April of this year. He became thoroughly engaged in this slightly unusual project with enthusiasm and innovative ideas. The end result was extremely positive for all parties involved. In addition Jan recommended we use his legal team who were also very satisfactory to liaise with.

I would recommend Jan without hesitation to anyone who wants to deal with a highly competent, friendly and dedicated professional. Thank you."

Sally Mcleay

"I was referred to Jan Gray to assist with the sale of my Dental Practice in 2017. I was informed they concentrated on selling practices others brokers hadn’t been able to sell for various reasons, namely location, specialist offering and the like.

I found the service to be very thorough in their approach and a completely different experience to the previous brokers I had engaged. Once the practice had been properly prepared for sale, they brought only three prospective buyers of which all made offers to purchase.

They worked closely with me including offering their legal team and other specialists to ensure the sale would complete on time.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to any principal wishing to sell their practice, a truly professional experience ."

Dr. Rey

"Jan Gray has shown a great deal of professionalism throughout the marketing campaign while selling my dental practice. He had a thorough understanding of dental business industry, knew the market, knew the buyers and answered all my questions and concerns in a warm and speedy manner. I was kept up-to-date throughout the whole process and cannot give more praise on his competence and integrity.

Jan has also taken care of the complex legal procedures and contract preparation while dealing with solicitors of both parties. His advice and suggestions proved right and he exercised flexibility whenever needed. Ultimately, I was pleased with the result and appreciated Jan’s caring attitude, commitment and expertise."

George Dabic
Dental Practice Manager
Thomastown, VIC

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