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Is Your Practice Five Stars

For years I have been banging on about having your practice prepared to “Best in Class” and “Sale-Ready” at all times in case of some issue forces you unable to make it in on Monday,

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Should You Sell Your Practice Now!

Over the last two months, while we have been in lockdown, I have had many dentists call enquiring if they should consider selling their practice now. On the other hand, there have been many dentists wishing

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Recently you received two emails with links to a practice valuation calculator. We did not expect so many practice owners to click the links and try it out, what’s more, we didn’t expect so

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What if you can’t come in on Monday.What happens to everything then?Fact: Out of the 7000, privately held dental practices in Australia 60% (4200) owned by Baby Boomers, (dentists between the age of

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You Don’t Need an Exit Strategy IF

Most business owners have not put a lot of thought into planning for their eventual exit from their business. Many owners, of established as well as startup companies, don’t see any value in planning

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World First Score Your Practice

There are over 8,000 dental practices registered in Australia; corporate`s own less than 10%, leaving over 7,000 practice owners who will consider selling their practice at some point. Taking a closer

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Urban Verses Rural Practices

During the last nineteen years, I have had the pleasure to list some of Australia’s best dental practices, both major city and regional. The difference between them is chalk and cheese.Let me explain.Example

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Best in Class dental Practice

Is your Dental Practice “BEST IN CLASS”?

Why should I make my surgery a Best in Class dental practice? For many years there have only been a few specialist dental practice sales brokers in that space. You could count them on one hand, and over

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Banks have 150 million to loan for dental practice expansion, equipment, purchase, marketing.

Bank Has Allocated $75 Million To Invest Into Dental Practice Loans

For years corporate have bought into dental practices, with good and bad stories to be told. The question is… If you have a successful dental practice, you must be doing something right, so why give

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Do we really need to be chasing new patients?

Do we need new dental patients?

Part 1 of 3-part article our candid look at: Do we really need new patients? Do you really need a bunch of new patients through the door every day to succeed? I ask this question because every dentist

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