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Why Sellers Use PracticeLink to Sell Their Dental Practice

Why would a seller use a broker/intermediary to sell a good practice, why not sell it themselves? Here are some of the reasons smart sellers engage a good practice broker.

There’s a startling correlation between the number of business owners who achieve a satisfactory outcome in selling their own businesses -less than 10%- and the number of business owners who have a formal exit plan in place. The difference in saleability or Business Attractiveness, value and net proceeds for strategically prepared dental practices is often massive.

It’s your choice: which group would you like to be in? If the biggest regret of practice owners who have successfully sold their clinic is that they wish they had been better prepared, imagine the regret of those who fail to sell their practices at all.

The solution is simple: If you want to avoid the pain of regret, don’t wait. Get started now. Do everything possible to build a dental practice that is valuable, saleable, and structured to maximize your net proceeds. Learn everything you can about the exit planning process and take action immediately on your most strategic opportunities for improvement.

Following the exit planning process as set out in our Exit Planning Toolkit is the smartest investment of time and effort that any practice owner can make. Not only will it pay huge dividends in the value and transferability of your clinic, but you’ll also sleep better knowing that you’ve done everything possible to ensure your full and just rewards of business ownership


PracticeLink staff have been in the dental industry since 2001. We have the knowledge and experience and can tailor an exact programme to suite your needs


PracticeLink staff are trained using REIQ exclusive training system and mentor program, including EPI certified training from the Exit Planning Institute USA the “Standard” in the business Exit Planning and brokerage industry.


Owners ask us to introduce only qualified buyers to their practice. Based on our knowledge of buyers’ and sellers’ needs, we can match the right buyer with the right practice.


We take client confidentiality very seriously. You can rest assured that the information shared with us in the preparation of a successful transaction is shared only on a strictly need to know basis with verified buyers.


It can take a practice owner several years to sell without a broker, if at all. If the owner spends most of his or her time trying to sell the practice instead of actively managing it, the practice can suffer and the owner can become frustrated.

Documentation and Information Memorandum

Our unique Information Memorandum is basically a reverse due diligence document. We obtain information from the seller’s team guaranteeing the practice is ready to be purchased and that all documentation is in order saving time and money for all concerned offering a serious dental practice to serious buyers.


Our sellers know that we will not knowingly misrepresent their clinic to a buyer. They also know that we won’t mislead them when a fair offer comes in, we will discus and advise them with the help of their team.

Free Phone Consultation

Whether or not you’re in the market to sell your dental practice right now or just want to explore the best exit plan options for the future, click the button below to schedule a free consultation. It’s never a bad idea to get good information that can have a positive impact on your future!

I would like to offer you a FREE personal phone consultation about your practice. It takes just a few minutes.

Use our practice valuation calculators to find out what your practice is worth.