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Is Your Practice Five Stars

For years I have been banging on about having your practice prepared to “Best in Class” and “Sale-Ready” at all times in case of some issue forces you unable to make it in on Monday, if permanently or temporally.

Well, that issue has just been and is still upon us right now, funnily enough, so are many unprepared practices. As of today’s, date, twenty-six principals have called for advice to prepare their practice for sale at earliest. They are taken aback when advised this could take some time depending on circumstances.

It’s not that hard, once prepared, if you don’t intend to sell immediately, you just update as required.

How hard is that? But, the great thing about doing this, you can address small overlooked issues that can lead to more significant revenue or reduced expenses in the meantime.

The Covert issue placed much stress on the entire dental industry, which was out of our control, and some won’t come back from that where others will flourish. It all comes down to preparation, planning, and having the right team around you. It’s that simple!

It’s one thing to engage marketing coaches to help create better Facebook, and Google campaigns etc. but most older practices have massive databases of patients which can be your best and cheapest source of new business yet so many don’t look within.

When preparing a practice, it’s interesting seeing how many patients were active in the last year out of the entire database, then view the spend on advertising, in most cases active patients are less than 10% of total patients. For those who nurture their database and receive referrals from within tend to be higher-earning clinics as well.

Many younger buyers look for clinics with preferred provider agreements, believing they are an easy way to more new patients. Yet, they come with reduced fees structure, so why would this practice be more attractive, one needs to work harder to achieve the same revenue as a solid practice with higher fees structure, in some cases, you are competing against the health funds own clinics as well.

So, what’s the takeout from this article.

If you can benefit by identifying small issues that can increase revenue or reduce present expenses, isn’t that a good thing?

It’s not as time-consuming or as expensive as one might think to have your practice prepared to “Best in Class” or “Sale Ready” in case the day comes where you can’t make in on Monday.

If you are in mind to sell or at least explore those possibilities, it can’t do any harm to move forward with those thoughts, and we have the tools to help you get an accurate idea of where you and your practice stand at this time.

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