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Should You Sell Your Practice Now!

Over the last two months, while we have been in lockdown, I have had many dentists call enquiring if they should consider selling their practice now. On the other hand, there have been many dentists wishing to buy a practice maybe now.

So let’s take a look at where things sit right now.

As of today’s date, we are still at level two, meaning limitations still apply, so income is restricted to most practices in Australia. I believe corporate practices may still be closed right now.

If you have a practice that was profitable before March and have remained continuously in touch with your patients, there is a good chance the loss of patients will be minimal on your reopening.

We know your income has been affected during these months and will adjust the bottom line, taking into consideration the number of people who have lost their jobs. How much would the practice revenue reduce by over the next six months is dependant on your marketing and resumed patient activities.

Possibly those who have preferred provider status may have slightly higher uptake, but that depends on location, type of work done, and other factors unique to each practice.

To answer the question.

If you are in mind to sell or at least explore those possibilities, it can’t do any harm to move forward with those thoughts, and we have the tools to help you get an accurate idea of where you and your practice stand at this time.

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