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Is your Dental Practice “BEST IN CLASS”?

Why should I make my surgery a Best in Class dental practice? For many years there have only been a few specialist dental practice sales brokers in that space. You could count them on one hand, and over

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Practice Readiness Part 4

Part 4 in our Practice Readiness series You may not be in this space right now, but I still hope you find this information helpful. Maximizing the value, selling price and net proceeds from the sale of

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We didn’t have TIME: A really interesting story I hope you never become part of

I truly hope this will never be your story.About 3 months ago I came across a dentist who was diagnosed with a debilitating illness that would turn his life upside down.This 40-something year old dentist

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Practice Readiness: Part 1

I work with many specialist Accountants, Solicitors, Bankers, Finance Brokers, Specialist Valuers, to name a few. What I have learnt along the way is the practice may seem a great opportunity to a potential

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Why Practice Exit Strategy and Preparation Is Key

Remember when exit planning was the last thing on your mind? Remember when you were starting your business? If you’re like most of us, odds are you didn’t know exactly what you were doing all the time,

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